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It Starts with a Smart Design

Your business or organization needs a website that makes sense to visitors. Whether you simply want to display your company information, photos or images, etc., or you need to gather customer information in a contact form, or need other functionality - we can help.

We start with a few questions about the nature of your business and the goals you would like to accomplish with a website. We will help you develop the kind of site that will attract customers, gather or display all of the information you need, and serve whatever purpose you have in mind.

We will not force your information into some "cookie cutter" design, but rather we will design the website you need and desire - a "Smart" website.

Web Design
Web Hosting

Secure and Reliable Server

When the design of your website is complete, it will need to be "hosted" by a server connected to the internet. In addition to providing your website with a safe, reliable home, we also provide tech support to ensure all of the functionality that your website needs is available 24/7.

We have many years of experience using our web hosting servers, and have a proven track record with the security and reliability of our hosted websites. All website files are backed up regularly, and server level fault tolerance methods are utilized so that your data is always safe.

Our tech support is highly personalized, friendly and extremely knowledgable in all areas of website function and email connectivity for your domain.

Networking and IT Consulting

Whether you are just starting out in business, or you're wondering if upgrading your technology might improve your productivity, we can help. We have over 25 years of experience with small office networking, data storage and security, and virtually all aspects of keeping your business "connected".

We will conduct a survey of your existing equipment, gather information about how your business functions, and determine the best solution to improve your work flow and productivity. We can make hardware and software recommendations that will greatly improve the level of service you offer to your clients.

We can help with all aspects of planning, purchasing equipment, and consulting on the installation of all products to help your office work smarter.

Web Design

Meet the Owner:

Rob Grinage


By day, Rob Grinage is a Land Title Examiner and the Network Administrator for San Juan Title, a thriving title insuarance agency in the Four Corners region of New Mexico. He became interested in website design while creating San Juan Title's very first website in the late 1990's, and by 2001 had offered to create websites for a few other small businesses that he came in contact with through his regular job. This led to the creation of his first company - Smart Website Designs in that year, and several years later he created an LLC and changed the name to Smart Websites & Networking, which more completely describes the knowledge and services he has to offer.

One of the hallmarks of the business is Rob's personal attention to tech support. He has also kept learning and improving his designs as technology moved forward over the years. Security and reliability have been at the forefront of how we take care of the websites of our clients, many of whom have been fiercecly loyal from the beginning.

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Microsoft Office 365

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