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When you decide to obtain an internet domain name for your business (i.e. www.mybiz.com), part of the reason is so that you and your employees will have a personal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.  There are more options for configuring and enabling these email addresses than most people realize.  Some of the more common solutions for businesses include:

  • Outlook or Outlook Express email account configured on each employee PC
  • Outlook account connected to in-house Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Outlook account connected to cloud-hosted Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft 365)
  • Email accounts configured on internet Webmail server (available from any PC with internet connection)
  • Email accounts configured to "forward" automatically to another email address, such as a Gmail account

Other options may be available, and we are familiar with most any need that your business may have regarding email configuration and handling.  Our tech support staff are also trained and knowledgable about email delivery problems and errors that can occur due to network outages, spam "black-lists", etc.  We work very hard and do our best to ensure that your business email is always up and running, and is set up to suit the needs of your company.